Welcome to my "RODDING" page. During the season, we have nearly twenty afternoon Cruises in and around the Houston area each and every weekend. We frequent Pasadena on Friday nights and alternate on Saturdays between Kemah and the Niftee 50ees Classic Cruise In up in The Woodlands depending on what part of town we cover a daytime show. Below we post images of those cruises and we update weekly, weather permitting of course. 

My first images of an outdoor show; circa 1972. The Early Irons Car Club at Northline Mall in Houston, TX.

My first 35mm images at an indoor show; Houston Autorama; early '70s.

It's hard to gauge sometimes how long I've been doing this until a car like this shows up. The images above were taken a few years ago at the Spring Fling Car Show in Rosenberg just south of Houston. Check out my "first outdoor images" posted on top of the page and look at the last image (lower, right). Yes it's the same vehicle taken back in 1972. Other than a few details, not much has changed in forty-five years! If you look in the background in the same image, you'll see my brand new (1972) "Datsun" pickup which I eventually installed Goodyear big and littles on American wheels (right).

That Little Ol' Band from Texas!


The first two photos were taken over 20 years ago with different paint schemes. The right photo was taken at last year's Goodguys Lone Star Nationals in Fort Worth in Pro Touring trim but with the same impressive power plant. 


Around 15 years ago, So-Cal opened a Speed Shop branch in Spring just north of Houston and of course we covered the "Grand Opening". Above are a few images we took. Unfortunately, the shop didn't last very long.

Rod + Statue (2).jpg

Before the Goodguys held their twice-yearly Lone Star Nationals at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, they were at the State Fairgrounds in Dallas a couple of years (images above). Their initial visits to Texas were actually at a different location.....check below!


The Goodguys initial visits to Texas (Lone Star Nationals) were held at Southfork Ranch just north of Dallas. Southfork was the television locale of the popular series "DALLAS" (who shot JR?). Above are a few of my images from Goodguys at Southfork.